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Originally Posted by danny_and_2 View Post
So what are you telling me? Do I need more cooling on it?
You can go the cheap route and by little copper heatsinks from newegg and put them on there and then have a fan blowing on them.
Or you can by a am3+ mobo and some ddr3 ram and prolly get 3.8-4.1ghz

Just make sure they have a heatsink on the vrms
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Yeah your motherboard is protecting itself from blowing up the VRMs. I made the mistake of buying a motherboard with no heat sinks. Totally sucks that Asus even makes them without heat sinks and advertises that it has lots of overclocking tools built in and more on the motherboard disk. Completely worthless tools for my motherboard. For a extra $20 I could have been at 4Ghz.
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Hello again guys.

I bit a bit busy here, but now i'm back.
Well, I made some adjustments on my cab, I made push pull with an 120x120 Noctua and a 140x140 Noctua on the other side.
I even mounted a 80mm on VRMS.

But to the case,
Temps on core, has fallen like 8 degrees overall the system seems like more cooler.

The 3,7GHZ is still no go on the mobo because the MB still downgrade to like 1,7GHZ, even with the 80mm mounted.
So instead I want to achieve the 3,5GHZ with lowest volts possible.

But before I do that I want to find out of the Loadline first.

I have got it stable at these opportunities for 30min: (yes I'm gonna do more testing)



So my question is why does it bump 2 of them my volt bump high one time, and the other bumps it down. Why does it do that?

Thank you for helping. smile.gif
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