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So, recently my laptops screen would get black dots all over it, and would randomly shut down with a blue screen. The black dots would just hang around the screen randomly typically in groups, if i put my mouse over them they would vanish only until i move the mouse away.

So, what can i guess caused this?

This started happening after i installed Nvidias beta drivers ((To be able to play battlefield 3 beta)-- so it was either the beta drivers or the bf3.

I uninstalled the beta drivers and got the latest drivers (Which have a similar # as the beta since its no longer in beta)

This issue will come and go, randomly. When i'm not doing anything intensive, and their would be no reason my laptop would be overheating -- good ventalation, a cool room, and nothing more than a webbrowser open.

I typically use my laptop to stream youtube or hulu onto my bigscreen tv. SO i do use the HDMI on the side of it often.

Anyone have any idea what's going on? I can't make this issue reproduce on demand, not by playing graphic intensive games or what not. It just.. happens. I typically reinstall drivers every time it happens.

Also-- i formated my G73sw when i got it to get rid of bloatware. It worked flawlessly for a few months until finally-- beta drivers + bf3.

Thanks, sorry if the thread is long was trying to be semi- thorough.

also-- may be worth mentioning, it typically says something about kernal mode for a moment?
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