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Bought an Acer 27" led monitor and I was disappointed in the color quality so it was returned to the local store. My budget is $250.

I was really digging the HP2511x but I saw this Viewsonic model and I can stretch my budget to this price. I'm limited to for my selection since I have a credit and giftcard with them (I really don't mind).

I've done a few 22s, 23s, and 24s but I'm looking to go bigger this time. I saw the HP in person and the quality was great (a bit of glare though) on both the 25 and 27 inchers. Sadly my budget can't stretch for a hp 27.

The price looks good on the Viewsonic, most likely since its a ccfl and being phased out. I've ordered it but I can cancel it though. I've owned a few Viewsonics and the color quality was good on those models.

Any cons with this Viewsonic? Specs look decent. Thanks


edit: Never mind, got the HP 2711x for $300
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