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Looking for a good set of earbuds, earhook or behind-the-neck headphones

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Right now for my home computer I'm using a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 headphones. I like them a lot; they're comfy, sound good to me (I probably wouldn't be classified as an audiophile) and do their job just fine.

But alas, I've come to a point in my life where I'd like to not have a dent in my hair. And before you say anything, yes I've read the "good hair is overrated" slogan of the headphone club. But I guess I'm a bit too vain to pay it heed any longer.

Anyways, I'm looking to get something that won't squish my hair, so I'm thinking earbuds, earhooks or behind-the neck headphones are probably what it would take. (Though I wonder if behind-the-neck sets would just transfer the problem to another area on my head.)

I have a pair of Philips SHE3580/28 earbuds that I use for my MP3 player, and I like them; they are worlds more comfortable than the cheesy stock earbuds that come with most players (which hurt my ears if worn for more than 10 minutes at a time) and they sound almost as good to me as my pair of headphones. But when I'm at home, I tend to sit at the computer and eat a snack while I watch a show or listen to music, and silicone-tipped earbuds with noise isolation do a splendid job of amplifying the sound of chewing (and even breathing) tenfold. Not sure if foam tips have this unfortunate side-effect as well.

Anyway, hopefully you helpful fellows kind of get an idea of what 'class' of headphone sounds good to me and can make some suggestions of something similar that would fit my needs wants. As I said, I'm not really an audiophile, though I do spend a lot of time wearing headphones, so I'm not necessarily looking for the best headphones money can buy, but something that will be comfortable and sound decent without breaking the bank. Thanks.
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These are some of the best earbuds under $100:


Or if you prefer white:
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Any issues with 'inner-head noise' (IE, chewing, breathing) being heard louder while wearing them? Even my inexpensive pair of earbuds sound fair to me from a sound quality standpoint, but I was worried that any pair of earbuds that fit snugly with a good seal might have a similar side-effect (basically like wearing earplugs where you're deaf to the world but can hear every little sound your head makes).

/me likes to eat when at the compy.
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You can't do anything about bone conduction.
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The only way to isolate against that is get form fitting ear-buds that fill up your entire ear, kinda like these: http://www.headphone.com/selection-g...o-jh13-pro.php.

But they are a little out of your price range .

The iMetal IEM should do pretty well for that, because they use thick, be flexible, silicone. If they aren't sufficient, you could probably pick up some after-market silicone from Amazon.
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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
You can't do anything about bone conduction.
It's not that I want to eliminate bone conduction altogether, but I want to avoid trapping it inside my ear canals -- increasing its perceived loudness. So I'm thinking maybe a silicone-tight seal isn't what I want. Not sure if there are (comfortable) earbud tips that can really avoid that, so I'm kinda wondering about earhook and behind-the-neck headphones too.
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If you're ok with earhook headphones:

They may be cheap, but don't let that fool you. They are probably the best value headphones ever made. IMO, they have better sound than most $50 consumer headphones.
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Thanks, that looks like it might be what I'm looking for. Anything else I should consider? I imagine there aren't really any earhook headphones (good or otherwise) that don't leak a fair bit of sound, huh?
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If by "leak" you mean let in a lot of sound, then these are only mediocre in that regard. If instead you mean let out a lot of sound, then no, these don't have that problem, unless you insist on listening to your music at maximum volume and excited about going deaf at age 40.
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I meant out. Cool.
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