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Recabling Headphones

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Hey there OCN

I'm hoping some of you out there can point me in the direction of some guides or tips on how to recable headphones. Specifically, I want to add a female 3.5mm jack to the left earcup of my M50s for a detachable cable, and use a shorter cable to make my M50s more mobile.

Any sort of help would be appreciated!
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How good are you with wiring and a soldering iron? If you have some degree of competence in it, then I've got something you might want to read.


This is exactly, what you are trying to do. If you peruse the first few pages your question should be answered.

I hope this helps!

Edit: Added Note
I thought it would help if I summarized a bit. Essentially you will need to crack open your headset on the side with the cable. Once you get it open you should see this:
From there, you need to disconnect the cable and add a female adapter such as this:
and solder it on. You will then need to widen the open so you can fit the female adapter, and then use something to seal it. The guy above used a silicone sealant.

I take no credit for the summary or the pictures. I just figured it would help you guide your project and possible future questions. The link above, on the second page, gives a useful example of what it SHOULD look like when finished.
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