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Asking for OCN's PS community for help! (SOCOM 1 HD)

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I'm posting this thread for help. You need not reply in here if you don't need to.

As of late, especially with next gen consoles, shooters have gone DOWNHILL in my opinion. Yes, your opinion may differ.

Call of Duty? Same repetitive crap where you run around and just shoot people. Yawn! No team play required really. I can dominate a match and go 41-5 while talking about sports and getting drunk with friends this up coming weekend. Call of POOPY.

Battlefield? Same thing as CoD. However, BF3 has actually restored some of my faith in next gen shooters. If my squad works well together then we win most of the time. So I do thank EA and DICE for bringing back some team work into games.

What about SOCOM? It's always been different. Different modes, third person instead of first, no XP to unlock new weapons (you just needed to beat single player for a couple extra weapons and a ghillie suit in SOCOM 3), and everything about it was TACTICAL. No open mics; push to talk makes it so one person talks and everyone listens to their call outs.

But wait a minute. Guess what? SOCOM 4 is the exact opposite of all of that! How could this be and how could Zipper do it to its loyal fan base?!

Well, the fan base is fed up. I can never play a game online or in single player for more then a few hours while on SOCOM 2 I was playing non stop for 12 hours until I passed out in my chair.

I know many of you haven't played a SOCOM game on PS2. Maybe you tried SOCOM 4 and didn't like it. Maybe you figure you won't like any of the originals so what does it matter to you? Well, it does.

I'm asking everyone with a PSN I.D. to go to this link, sign in, and click on the positive vote button. There's talk that if it hits 10,000 votes then there could POSSIBLY be a HD remake of SOCOM 1 since its 10 year anniversary will be this year (August 27, 2002). Maybe, if we do get enough votes, you can experience a TRUE shooter that is actually fun no matter how long you play it!

I also realize that there's problems signing in when going to that link. So go to the blogs site here, sign in, then click the link to the vote. I'm reaching out everywhere to get as many votes as possible. And of course I wouldn't leave OCN out of the mix.

Cheers and thanks to those who help out. Hopefully in the future I'll see you in a match of SOCOM 1 in HD!
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BUMP! Wanna keep this near the top for people to see. Need any and all help smile.gif
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