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Originally Posted by Simca View Post
Eh...others might disagree with me, but I think you should buy Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm and a refurbished/used Xonar STX'

I know you can find the DT880s for 264 shipped on ebay, but if you look around, you may be able to find them cheaper. (250 for the B-stock at Pro Audio Star. Can't vouch for them as a supplier though).

That leaves you 150ish or less to spend on a DAC and amp. Many will tell you to buy an external DAC with built in amp rather than grab the Asus STX and you most likely will see better quality from an external amp and DAC, but whatever magical wizardry the STX gives you will be lost in the DAC. That's not to say that gaming on an external DAC isn't great. I'm going to just say that flat out right now. Gaming on an external DAC is very doable. I game with people that use external DACs and I swear they sometimes hear things around them better than I did on a DX.

So fooey to those who say gaming on an External DAC is horrible.

At the price point you're faced with you could grab one of 4 DAC/AMPs imo. If you choose to research the matter further I'm sure you can find other options.

$80- Fiio e10 which should be out any day now.

$106 - Used Zero DAC

$122.50 - Musiland Monitor 02.

$150 - Aune Mini MK2

These should all theoretically give you enough ampage to use the DT880s at 600 ohms. That doesn't mean they'll be performing at tip top shape though.

IMO, under the Musiland, you're probably better off with the STX. At the Musiland, you're better off with the external DACs if you just want the best amp/DAC package.
when you say musiland what do you mean? Sorry im new to all this audio stuff. i have always used onboard and 50$ headphones/sets. i would have to change my precintile of what i listen to a little bit i guess it would be gaming 60% movies 30% and music 10%
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So i think im going to go the sound card way just to little desk space to have a dac and amp. has any one ever used the senhiser pc360s? or are those still way overpriced?

any one use the HT | OMEGA Claro Halo? i notice it says it can power up to a 600ohm headphone.
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