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Crysis 2 losing sound.

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Don't know to put it here or in sound card's thread?

But I have just installed a second GTX 570 in SLI, installed a new SSD HDD for c: drive. So new install of windows. Have also installed a Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card

So when I get the pleasure of playing Crysis 2 and things start to warm up (temp's in the case, with two 570's things get pretty toasty) I lose FX sound, so things like the sound of reloading the gun, the voice over for cloaking etc.

Just wondering if any one else is or has experienced this problem?


Can someone suggest things to try and stop this happening?

I currently don't have any other games that will load my machine up enough to create the same heat to see if it is a hardware or software problem, but should be getting BF3 this weekend
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Is this only an issue in Crysis 2? Make sure the card is seated properly, I'm sure it is, just double check. It's probably a software issue. I'd recommend a complete un-installation of your sound card drivers and then a re-installation using the newest drivers.

One more thing just in case, did you disable onboard sound? It's very important you disable onboard sound after installing a dedicated sound card, if both are enabled it can cause some very ugly issues (one of these issues might just be yours).
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Thanks I will un-install and re install my drivers , but no I never did disable on board sound oooppppsssss!!!!!
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That's most likely your issue then. Even if it's not and it ends up being software related, having onboard sound enabled whilst having a dedicated sound card installed will cause a mess of issues.

You can disable onboard sound via the BIOS.

Also, make sure your onboard sound drivers are uninstalled as well after you disable onboard sound. Especially if your soundcard uses a different manufacturer for drivers (for example your sound card is Creative and your onboard is Realtek).

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