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Building PC, Unique Shipping need... Help...

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Hello, I am one of many people who is looking for advice on building a new gaming system, but I have a rather unique situation (I hope, otherwise I apologize for a useless thread)

I live in South Africa, and as such the best computer prices come from two websites, Ikonicit.co.za and Pcint.co.za...

However, I have family in Canada, and America, and perchance both of those families are visiting at the end of November to mid-December.

I need to know the size and weight of the packaging (and parts in them) of the components I want to bring because it is much cheaper than normal shipping (that is if they have extra room, and as there are about 8 people total there should be at least a little) At the very least they could bring an OS, CPU and Graphics card which could decrease my costs substantially. (If I am lucky a motherboard as well, I save about R1500 total on those 4 parts)= almost $200. Maybe a cooler as well.

I am going for an i5 2500K build, ordering from Newegg and shipping to them.

These are the parts I want to have brought over (if possible). (Not all fixed)

i5 2500K Will OC in a year or two, or if I upgrade to new Graphics card (Probably 2 years)

Corsair 8GB RAMS 1600Mhz

ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

I am not big on video encoding but may do it from time to time, is the z68 worth it, or should I use ATI stream instead of quicksinc? I won't use SSD caching.
P67 will be … I can’t find a P67 board under $150 that beats this Z68…. If someone knows of one I would like the suggestion…

XFX HD-695X-CNFC Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

I must bring up the 560 Ti.... Is the 6950 worth the extra money (I may or may not OC it)

A Hard 1 TD HDD (Honestly have no idea on this, only know at least 1 TB 7200 rpm) must ship to Canada or California (Canada probably better) I just read about the HDD prices going up... Is it better to get a cheap %)) GB and add 1TB when prices fall again? Are refurbished drives worth the discount?
I am open to a SSD boot drive (must be justifiable)

Windows 7 Home premium (fairly obvious) The weird thing is I can get the retail version for R1269 in South Africa ($160) and I can find the full retail that cheap anywhere.
Is this just a good price or am I missing something? Also is retail worth the price premium vs. OEM?

I am open to heatsink suggestions. I want the Silver arrow or Noctua N14, but they are too expensive.... What is the next best but still affordable? $40-$70

I will probably buy my DVD RW+- in South Africa... They are fairly generic as far as I know.

This is the rest of the build (For interest’s sake, not set in stone)

These will be bought in South Africa no matter what.

Case (Duh): Considering a CM690 II USB3.0 edition or even a NZXT phantom… not that important, but it will probably end up being the Coolermaster.
PSU: 650+W, Corsair, Thermaltake or Antec... (If someone knows about PSU's, which should I avoid and which are good? I don't want junk that ends up killing my system.....
I am guessing PSU’s are fairly heavy, which is why it isn’t coming from North America

I almost forgot that the PC is being built mainly for BF3 and Skyrim (which I just heard about but looks awesome) I want to play on high settings; this system should play on Ultra minus the MSAA? 1920x1080… (At the moment I have a HP laptop that overheats with BC2 on low)

Suggestions are welcome on any improvements while staying in a price range of about R7500(for those bought in Canada/USA), the exchange rate is hovering around 8 at the moment, so that is $950 (My overall budget is around R10000 = $1250)--> excluding screen, I will use old screen until I can buy a 1080p screen. (Shouldn’t be too long)

Re did Math in 2nd paragraph, including shipping I save (OS from SA) R1700+,
Most saving on GPU, CPU and mother board, so they are highest priority for me.
(Budget may be off will update tomorrow, no large change though.

Remember the most important part of the request is the weight and packaging dimensions.... If anyone recently received or ordered these it would be great to know… (Weight can even be an estimate, the box sizes are more important.)

I think that is all… If anyone thinks I missed something, just name it and I will add it.

Thank you in advanced to anyone who helps answer.
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The box will be large. I just ordered all my computer stuff, (no case, but did include PSU), and it came in a box about the size of a normal suitcase, and weighed at least 20 pounds, but probably more.
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Ok, understood, but I am actually looking for the size of the actual component boxes..... That is why it is an odd request.... I would have them all taken out of the big box they arrive in and packed into different suitcases too save space (and weight)

EDIT: If you just received yours, do you still have the component packaging?
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I do have the packaging, but it's all in storage, sorry . It was about a month ago, though, so that's why I remember.

You should be able to go to Amazon and look up the different components. They have the size and shipping weights listed (I think).
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It's fine... Anyway, it seems my mom and dad are going to Canada around February or March, which means I ='ll probably just wait and then get Ivy bridge, and hopefully a much better price on the Graphics card.... I wouldn't have been able to use the computer much in December anyway. I just saw my chance to save 35% on my computer.

I'll go check Amazon, thanks for the tip, you've been a great help.
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I'm happy to provide any assistance I can. If you need anything else, just ask.
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You could fit the components in a 26" standard size suite case. Granted nothing else will be able to fit, not even packing material. Components wouldn't be protected very well from the baggage man.
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