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My dad Bought one of these laptops off of craigslist for $600 vs getting one off newegg for $820 or somewhere else brand new for like $1000+ and according to me it was the best deal he could get vs buying an A8-3500m laptop with a 6750M. It runs Dirt 2 maxed out with 30+ FPS at the native res (1600x900). Supreme Commander 2 maxed out with around 30-40 FPS (1600x900) and 20-30 FPS on our 32' Samsung (1920x1080).

Those are the only games I've run so far but if your in the market for a good gaming laptop and are not willing to pay $1200 for a really good one, just look on cragslist, ebay, or even the OCN marketplace and I'm sure you can get a good deal like my dad did.