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Ferrite beads and sleeving

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A friend of mine wants to sleeve his HX750 and he asked me if he could just remove the ferrite beads (as seen here: http://oi44.tinypic.com/5a49i0.jpg).

Since I have no clue, I came here. tongue.gif

So, will removing them have a negative impact on psu performance or is it adviseable to replace them with new once?
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The ferrite beads are there both for filtering out some high frequency crap into the video card, and also to prevent all the noisy high-frequency switching noise from the video card from getting back to the power supply.

It's hard (at least for me) to say how crucial it is. My gut instinct says it's probably okay, but internally there's a stronger voice saying "what why does anybody bother sleeving any cables?" so now I'm confused.

I know that people have removed the capacitors on the end of some of the Silverstone Strider Plus cables, to the detriment of performance. Silverstone put the caps on the cables for some final filtering, rather than inside the PSU, so yeah those caps are important. Filtering caps and ferrite beads are hardly the same thing though, but I'm supposing Corsair bothered putting them there, and not on the modular molex/SATA cables (not needed for those), for a reason.
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