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Need help on few things

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Ok so i switched to intel. Bulldozer was epic failure

Bought a used p67 ud5
used all the rest of my amd build
bought a brand new 2500k

The 2500k takes 1.45-1.475 volts to be stable at 4.5 and wont go any higher stable no matter the volts.
Question is.....
Is it the chip or the board that decides the voltage needed?
batch number is 3125b502
Other chips ive seen on other forums from same batch were all great clockers and took low volts.
What do i do?
Buy new chip
Buy new mb?
i want 4.8-5.0 24-7
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Its the chip that needs a higher number chances are you got a bad egg in chip term.

But I'm sure the batch you have is a good one, I would suggest going on to the 2500k thread and asking on there as that thread is full of the 2500k experts and they know how to push your cpu speeds up!

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