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PC keeps failing? Need help solving...

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sorry in advanced for wall of text

so for the past 2 days, my sigrig started failing on me.. Everything was purchased approx October 2006 (I know...) except the PSU and GPU, they were purchased august 2010. PC wasn't used from fall 2007 to fall 2008.The cpu has been overclocked and stable at 3.15 the entire time, up until a few months ago I dropped it to 3.01 cause it was a little hotter than I liked down here in florida. GPU has been overclocked since last year also.

so now the symptoms: The first time it happened, I was just sitting on my desktop web browsing and my screen went black, no video input flashed on my monitor, monitor light turned yellow instead of green. i looked at my case and all the fans were still running and leds lit. I noticed on the top of the PCB of the gpu there was a little red led which was lit up. so i thought - okay my gpu did something funky. i hard-restarted and no problem. later in the day i was playing sc2 for like an hour and the same thing happened, so im thinking okay the gpu is overheating and failing - i also started to google around to see what the red led on the gpu pcb meant and most people (who had their card at stock clocks) underclocked their card and the problems went away. i checked gpu-z for sensor temps and the temps were fine, so im like okay whatever its clearly not overheating.

about a half hour ago my pc failed again, same symptoms. this time though since it is dark in the room, i have my keyboard illuminated (logitech illuminated). when it failed this time i noticed not only did my monitor turn off, the gpu red led come on, but also the lights on the keyboard went out - so im guessing no power was getting to the usb (plugged into the i/o on the mobo) but the case fans are still running and leds still illuminated. i also had gpu-z running and logging activity in the background in case this failed again and im attaching the log at the bottom with logs from desktop, starting gaming, deep into gaming, and failing - you can see the temps are fine.

i cant figure out if the gpu keeps failing, which obviously it isnt overheating but the red led is coming on, or if the cpu is failing from being overclocked for about 4-5 years, or if the mobo is failing because of noticing the keyboard is turning off along with everything else. im leaning towards the mobo currently but would like other advice. this is also my only computer and i dont have other parts to interchange to test which is failing =[.

also forgot to mention, cpu temps have always been and still are very acceptable, barely getting around 42* after gaming. idling between 31* and 33*

edit - the log wouldnt attach in an easily readable format so here is a SS.

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Which LED is it? Check the link.

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this is what the back of my card looks like

if u full size it, you can see the red led is near the dvi/hdmi ports, its the white led almost all the way to the right. below it, it says d1601. according to that thread it is temp protection, but clearly in the logs the temps are fine.

if the card did fail for temp protection, would that make the cpu/mobo fail too - how would the keyboard not getting power be explained? after the fail the only thing that seems to get power is the case fans/leds
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I honestly don't know why your other components are acting up, possibly as a result of the GPU. I could see a bad GPU causing it to suddenly power off tho.

Since its the D1601 (Temp protection) I would first try to re-seat the GPU's HSF and see if the problem goes away. Even tho the temps look ok in the log, it could be a faulty sensor.

If you've already replaced the thermal grease/pad and the problem continues, I would say the card itself is flaking out and thinking its overheating. Judging by the random spike in temps when the card failed, I would think that's the problem.

I would try to find a replacement card to test if at all possible. If that's not an option, I would bake it (the oven trick) and see if it fixes it.
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alright i'll reseat the heatsink and see whats up. this can also get moved to ati forums, i thought maybe it was more mobo/cpu. thanks

edit; i reseated the heatsink/fan. cleaned the little amount of dust on the fins and fan. made sure all the connections were good. updated to latest drivers. I just ran furmark for a half hour and max temp was 58*c and no crash. im gonna run other stress tests like occt/memtest/p95/ibt to see what will (or if it will) cause a crash and then go from there, since i still dont think temps were the reason in the first place.
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After I updated drivers and reseated etc everything above it was fine all day yesterday. Today while sitting on Facebook my screen turned grey with vertical lines. No red led on the gpu. I had to hard restart again.
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I'm gonna say your GPU is causing the problems. I've had overclocked GPU's do that when they're pushed too far.

Is your card OC'd currently or have you tried running stock/underclocked to see if the problem continues?

Also, what happens if you run Prime95 w/ no GPU load?
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I would think that's the problem.
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