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tell me about it...i paied 1000$ for my 590 when everywhere else was 700 or 430$ for my i7 when everywhere else was 300 thanks to my country so i feel you're frustration.

If you don't go past 4gh overclock on your i5 you're okay with stock cooler for a month. You can also be safe by using Core Temp, Real Temp, Hardware Monitor, HWmonitor , Everest to check your temps,voltages and everything you need. I for example always have on Core Temp + All CPU Meter gadget and GPU Meter gadgets for my video cards.

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Alright. Found a neat IT Mall that sells most of the stuff I need except the motherboard and the casing. I'll hold back on the cooling and second Graphics card first then. Thanks! I'll probably come back to this forum for help OCing the 2500k.
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