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go with an 1155 socket and get a new gen3 mobo so it will work with the new sandy bridge-e chips.

maybe a cheap i5 2500k and then buy the new cpu when it comes out which will save you money on a mobo
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Originally Posted by Princess Garnet View Post
Sandy Bridge E is not compatible with LGA 1155. If you go with LGA 1155 now, you have Ivy Bridge as a future option. For LGA 2011, you get Sandy Bridge E, and Ivy Bridge E later.

Edit:Again, LGA 1155 is not Sandy Bridge E compatible.
yeah my bad, i was thinking of ivy bridge
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Originally Posted by bowdagger View Post
Thanks for the advice so far guys!

It sounds like I have to chose between Sandy Bridge E and Ivy Bridge for right now, when is Ivy Bridge expected to launch? Any thoughts on how the two will compare?
Sandy Bridge is out now. Sandy Bridge E is essentially Sandy Bridge with more cores and quad channel RAM, so it's more an extension of Sandy Bridge, whereas Ivy Bridge is more a "new" thing (though it's still the same architecture).

It'd be hard to compare them, as either will be better depending on the tasks. Think of LGA 1155 vs the hex core (not quad core) LGA 1366 CPUs. It'll be that all over again. Ivy Bridge is expected to be faster core for core, but Sandy Bridge E (again, not the quad core models though) will come out better in highly threaded stuff due to the extra cores compensating.
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