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AT&T/T-Mobile - what phone? So many options...

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I revised one of my topics rather than creating a new one, after having used the newest version of Swype on my HTC G2 and liking it as a virtual keyboard.

I have a few options, but generally they're limited to AT&T or T-Mobile due to plan price.

If it's T-Mobile, then I'd probably use Simple Mobile's $40/month unlimited plan (which I'm using now). If it's AT&T, there's a way to take a $100 Nokia E71 on StraightTalk, register it, and then pop in the SIM in the new phone and get a $45/month unlimited plan (about $50 after taxes)...AT&T (and anything else) is way too expensive for me otherwise.

I honestly have no idea which phone I want...but I know which phones I'm interested in, at least. The one feature I'm looking for primarily is a secondary/front-facing camera, for Skype video calls...meaning the N9 and the like it out since AFAIK there's no support for Skype video calls. Don't care too much about power...don't game on it or otherwise need anything more than what my G2 can do. Would like something with a bigger screen, at least on Android - that way I don't feel bad about not having a tablet. Would like something lighter and/or with a better battery life too, but not necessary - my G2 is fine for that.

iPhone 4S 16GB - ~$600 off contract + $100 Nokia + ~$50/month
+Nice/sleek design and smooth OS
+Has a few apps I can't get on Android
+Can get a 7" Honeycomb tablet without worrying about redundancy
+Fits in hand nicely
+Lots of accessories available
-Never owned an Apple product and can't stand iTunes
-High price

Dell Streak / Mini 5 - ~$250 + $100 Nokia + ~$50/month
+++HUGE screen
+Decent price
+The "what the..." factor from people when you pull it out of your pocket to use as a phone tongue.gif
+Being able to basically have a tablet and a phone in one
+Found out that it almost perfectly fits the Logitech diNovo Mini, basically turning the Streak into a huge QWERTY phone
-Development isn't too active, might die at Android 2.3
-Specs about the same as my G2

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - ~$680 (supposedly) + $40/month
+Big/high-quality screen
+Amazing feature set
+Official Google updates and whatnot
-High price
-Not a fan of the whole "screen-only/no-button" design
-Not a fan of how the screen is curved

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy II - ~$500 off contract + $40/month
+Big/high-quality screen
+Great feature set
-High price
-Not as big of a screen as the Streak
-Development/interest seems more toward Sprint/AT&T variants

T-Mobile G2x - ~$250 + $40/month
+Decent quality screen
+Decent feature set for price
-Not much bigger screen than my G2
-Development/interest seems to be dying

Out of those, I'm probably most interested in the Streak (for the big screen), the G2x (for offering basically all I need for cheap and not having to deal with the AT&T thing), and the iPhone - in that order. Not too interested in most HTC phones for the screen quality, and I don't like how a lot of development is dedicated to Sense (which I can't stand - I prefer vanilla Android). Not interested in Windows phones because too many apps I use are Android and/or iOS specific. Any other phones I should consider?

Also, please post something more than "Nexus all the way" or "iPhone, hands down"...and again, keep in mind I don't really need more power than my G2 (with CM7 nightly) offers.
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Completely changed the topic (in first post). Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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