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Considering Buying a Second GTX560 for SLI and need advice

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First of all Hi, i'm sort of new to all this supercomputer business but I recently got myself a new build and with this I decided to buy an ASUS GTX560 (NOT the TI version, I didn't know about it until I'd already installed the card) and as happy I am with the performance, from the research I've done, I believe that purchasing a second GTX560's would give a significant increase to my performance.

My PC is used for gaming and homework and that's it, so I don't want to be spending £500 on a GTX590 (As much as I'd like to!) and from what I've read two GTX560's in SLI are equal to the performance of a single GTX570 or even a single GTX580 as I am only playing on a 1680x1050 monitor I think a second GTX560 is the most efficient option in terms of price and performance. However please correct me if I'm wrong I'd hate to waste my money.

Anywhoo, my first question is, can somebody confim that these cards are compatible for SLI: http://www.dabs.com/products/asus-ge....html?src=2tis is the exact place I got my last card from. I know it's sounds stupid but I don't want to be handing out cash for a card and end up being wrong about it

My second question relates to what made me consider adding a second card, I am currently playing a HEAVILY modded Fallout: New Vegas and I am eagerly anticipanting Skyrim, infact this PC was built in order to "beast" it, but will the performance boost be significant enough to bring my gameplay up to a consistant 60FPS, I have no intention of using 3D graphics either, this is soley for 2D gameplay My New Vegas has all of the performance mods such as 4GBNV, stutter remover ext, but drops down from 60FPS far too frequently for my liking (In NPC busy areas it can drop down to 40 even 30 FPS), and was hoping if somebody could tell me if a second GTX560 in SLI would push these FPS drops away. For New Vegas and in estimation for Skryim.

Finally, I'd like to know if there is any issues relating to using GTX560's in SLI mode and SLI in general such as unsupported games and recommendations that people make.

In case people need to know in order to help, I'm running an i5-2500k, with 8GB of RAM a single GTX560 and some creative XFI soundblaster soundcard from years ago, I can't remember my motherboard, it's a very modern ASUS one however and at the time of purchase (July-ish) it was said to be the second best available for gaming that has the slots and SLI support, I am also packing a 750W power supply so I think my system would be able to handle the second card

Thanks in advance to any that help it really is appriciated.
P.S Please forgive any spelling errors and such I'm knackered!
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That card does support SLI just fine. You will notice a vast improvement in performance with a second GTX560. Your GTX560 should have a bridge already. Make sure you have enough space for a second card remembering that airflow is still important.

Also make sure your PSU has 2 extra 6pin connectors for the GPU.

When you buy it, pop it in, add the bridge, connect power, reboot, go into Nvidia control panel and enable SLI. Game on!
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it sounds like you already know everything you need to in order to make a decision =D
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Thanks for the replies!
Yes it does have a bridge with it, just got to dig the box out.
That's one thing I'm worried about, space, as it takes up 2 slots per card, there is however enough room for two in theory, but i'm unsure as to how much space I need inbetween each card, but I think they'd be at least close, I'll try and dig out the MB box and post the model so people can get a verdict and give a yay or nay.
And yeah I'm just paranoid it won't work lol

Also I'm not sure what you mean by PSU?
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Cards should have enough space between em. Just try not to have any wires, or PSU's blocking the fans.
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Lilscrappyd made a valid point in another thread on this topic. If the cards are close, follow his advice. I was thinking something on this line. But I wanted to research more, but he solved it much faster..haha

"buy an antec spot fan and positioned it to blow directly in between my two cards. It helped alot but my top card still runs a tad hotter than my bottom."
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Just had a look inside and quite frankly I'm a bit guttered, where I was originally going to put the two cards dosn't work as since each one would literally takes up two slots (Thus sort of using the smaller slots, which my soundcard requires) so unless I purchased a soundcard using the same connector as a GPU or that really small one I can't work around it...

As basically the large slot I was going to use is the last one on the "line" and my card takes up the one it's plugged into and the one infront due to the massive heatsink. SO I'd have to use the slot before the one in which my soundcard goes, meaning that both compatible slots would be blocked..
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Only other option is buy a better SLI suited Motherboard. I use the on-board sound and a logi G930 headset. Onboard sound has come a LONG way since 4-5 years ago.
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Is there no cards that use PCI-E?
Damn, i'll have to give the onboard sound a try, as this Soundcard is about 3-4 years old to be fair, but on my old MB I used to have slowdown if I used onboard sound >_<
Looks like my friend is going to be getting another free card... :|

Edit: Just had a look and there is, however it's a step down from my one now, I'm already going to have to save to buy this newer card, will the onboard sound on my motherboard be better than a tiny £30 card? Surley not?
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Just tried the onboard audio, which is actually defaulted to better quality, so I think I will be OK using two cards and giving my mate this card, he'll be made up
Space of about the width of an index finger would be between them which is enough, my case is V well ventilated
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