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Looking for some replacement connectors

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Hello all,

I'm looking for some replacement connectors for a PSU and need some part numbers. Primarily, I am looking for the 2-piece, EPS12v (or more correctly, 4+4 pin, 12v P4 connector) that is used on Corsair power supplies and many others. I would prefer a manufacturer and part number over a re-seller because I want to get a bunch of connectors at one shot and the prices of the housings plus the terminals at re-sellers adds up fast. I'm also in search of Black 3-pin and 4-pin PWM fan connectors from a distributor. I have had no luck finding them except at re-sellers and again, I'm using connectors on more than just PC's so buying many from a re-seller isn't cheap.

Please note: I did start a thread listing Molex part numbers and such so if you are okay with your information be shared there, I would like to toss it on that thread to help others in my situation! (That's how I compiled the list that's on there at this point. Needing connectors NOW and having to look around at mfg's) You obviously would be credited in said thread so no worries there.

Also, if you have any other BLACK housing part numbers or manufacturers that sell a lot of the standard PSU connectors, that would be nice to know as well. Thanks!
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Have you tried emailing Corsair? In my experience, they have some of the best customer support, and will help you with almost anything. When I was sleeving, I cut one of the cables accidentally, and emailed them to see what gauge of wire they were using, and they replied saying they could just send me a new cable.
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Really!? I've had awesome support from Corsair for RMA's and other stuff regarding full products but didn't hardly think about contacting them looking for spare ends. I'm pretty sure Corsair uses yestone connectors but can't find where to buy them. But I could be way off on that too.

Thanks for the tip. Do you by chance remember which department you sent the messege to? Once or twice in the past after sending a messegs (from the contact us form on their site) I never received a response...but I figured I sent it to the wrong department and it never made it to the right one.
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From a post on the Corsair forums:
You may just need to pay for the shipping cost of the cable, they can send them pretty much anywhere as far as I know. The cables are not sold separately, however if you need extras they can usually provide them for you. To check the status of your request or additional information, please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com.

And yes, all I had to do was pay for shipping.
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Sent a messege to Customer Service/RMA Service and "Ram Guy" from their forums so hopefully that gets me somewhere. I've had several items sent to me from them free of charge (RAM for several RMA's, BETTER RAM than what I sent them, SSD Drive tray, and some spare stuff for cases) so hopefully that'll work this time. I was thinking just the raw connector so I didn't even think of them directly! Sometimes I guess it just takes a wiser man to state the obvious (Or Occam's razor) Thanks!

P.S. Nice rig, I've got the same basic components and it's a nice setup! (Still use my sig. rig for general stuff which is most of the time. That's why my i7 isn't there)
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Happy to help!

And yeah, it is a killer rig. Right now, I'm in the process of tweaking in a stable 5GHz OC. I'm close, and I think I have a decent processor because I can still boot into Windows at 1.4V @ 5GHz (but it sure isn't stable). It just takes so long with this generation, testing the different PLL and VCCIO voltages. But I'll get it!
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