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Originally Posted by baka77 View Post
The G400 is the "new" MX518. How do you like the angle-snapping? Does it affect your aim in FPS games, even in the slightest? The G400 really appeals to me, with the exception of that aspect. I've never played with a prediction-enabled mouse & unfortunately don't have access to one.
I have used the G400 and I feel that prediction does affect my aim in games. However, I also know that for every person you find like me that dislikes prediction you will find a hundred others who don't notice or mind it or in rare cases prefer prediction.

Do you have access to a friend or a shop that has an MX518/G400/EC1 or EC2 (many other options too, just listing a few) that you can try and return to find out your personal preference about prediction?
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Originally Posted by baka77 View Post
I'm in the market for a new mouse. I currently use an old MS WMO. It still
1) 7+ buttons that are macro-programmable.
2) Fast on-the-fly DPI scaling via buttons on the TOP of the mouse.
3) NO prediction/correction/angle-snapping.
4) NO pos/neg acceleration.
5) Palm grip ergonomics.
6) Low LOD (sub 2mm).
I use a G700. It has number 1, actually 8 physical buttons (not counting LMB and RMB) and if you count the scrolling tilt, 10.
It has number 2. You can program the DPI button(s) for something else if you wish, or you can have one button loop the DPI settings freeing up one button.
3, I don't know about prediction. It does have an angle snapping option.
4, optional. Does have the ability.
5 Nice and comfortable. Doesn't have any type of glazing or rubber on it so it won't peel. It's pure plastic. Can dry your hands out but at least it doesn't make your hands sweaty.
6 Not sure what that is. It has the option to choose between 120, 250, 333, 500, and 1000Hz rates.

I'm pretty sure the Setpoint software has almost every option you list.
Completely programmable. I love it.
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