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Hi guys,

Yesterday, I tried to reseat my cpu heatsink using prolimatech pk-1 thermal grease. But before doing that, i had to clean the cpu and the socket of thermal paste. After cleaning and reseating, I immediately checked the temps using bios, aida64, easytune6, hwmon and realtemp. I observed that the temp was very low (7 deg C vs 30 deg C ambient), motherboard temp was stuck at 33 deg C and all voltages (vcore, +3.3V, +5V, +12V) were all way off their values the day before.

I already reset the bios by clearing the cmos but to no avail. I'm planning to flash the bios in an attempt to "reset" the sensors. I would gladly listen to your inputs if doing this wrong. If there are other ways of resolving this, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just flashed my mb bios to latest and still problem persists. Now everything I do (except using realtemp) always give me the incorrect temps. frown.gif
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