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Finally got the sound card "working"...That was literally the biggest PITA I've ever experienced...Outweighed trying to merge oracle and nginx, lemmy tell ya.

Anyway, so, I ordered "gifts" for the interns a couple of weeks ago...CoDMW Hardened...Uncharted...Got BF3 for everyone...

Anyway, the vendor sent me a pair of Call Of Duty Tritton 5.1 surround headphones as a "Thank You"...

They're basically these:

In any event, I took them home last night and tried to set them up...

Even called Mad Catz technical support, eventually hung up after 30 mins of that awful music...

I can't get the Mic to work in the control panel no matter what I do.

It took @ 3 hours to get the head-set working in surround...YAY! Only to find that Sblaster killed the mic because it's essentially set to 5.1 surround speakers.

Is there any work-around to get the mic on the headset to work in the Audio panel?

I was actually debating going to radioshack and buying a M/F just to extend the mic jack to the front.

It is working, in Vent ETC I can see my input but, the entire box is greyed out in the panel, itself.

Any suggestions? Ty!