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installed a new 2nd asus 560 today. all was fine until a few hours ago-

started getting BSODs and screen freezes (have to resrart on those too).

i installed the driver properly. took all precautions (grounding etc).

bsod id ranges from irql_less_or_equal to system_service_exception (not sure on exact wording of that one), to unnamed ones too.

happened once while gaming and rest while completely idle or webbing (chrome).

i would also include the dmp files, but pc started spamming BSODs in the last 2 restarts, so closed it and left it alone for now.

i dont think its a psu issue, since my 650w should leave plenty of headroom, plus it also happened when the gpu's were idle.

im really dreading this being a RMA, since i currently live abroad (bought it back home in the states to save ~50% on the price), so RMA will be a huge hassle.

thoughts anyone??

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