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Look the general way it works is raise your clock to to 150mhz in the Bios that will give you 3Ghz and check what your ram speed is, if its garden variety DDR2 keep it at or below its rated speed just lower the divider to keep the speed below what it should be. Boot it and check for stability using prime95 and proberly speedfan for your temps if its unstable you might have to raise the voltage slightly. Its a 533mhz bus cpu you should be able to get a good overclock on it I would expect to get at least 3.3 before you should be worried about cooling to much but still make sure its okay.
I would like to play with it it wouldnt be hard to get 4ghz+ out of it.
Macsbeach thanks its ddr2 1ghz ram and. Wow 4ghz+ i think the cpu would be dead at 3.5ghz lol.... Anyways i will definately try experimenting with this cpu