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Need suggestion on a upgrade!

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Hey guys, i need suggestions on a upgrade!
I am upgrading on this comercial bought computer : Compaq sr1960ap

Since i am no computer genius, i need some help whether i could upgrade to a better processor with/ without changing the mobo.

Current system: : PentiumD 925 (P) DC 3.0 GHz
Motherboard Name: RC410-M
Ram: 2gb ddr2
Graphics card owercolour amd 5670 1 gb

I know this is a FREAKISHLY joke computer, but it still could play mw2 at low-med without aa or anistropic filtering. I need a better cpu and most likely a better mobo and hard drive, my current graphics card is good enuff for me since i wouldn't be play high on a system like that!

Anyhelp would be appreciated, my budget would be about 300 and below!
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I would buy this http://www.overclock.net/main-compon...g-rig-4-a.html

Get the mobo and cpu its still a dual core but is better than the pentium D

And get a q6600 on the cheap in a few months time.

Get a hyper 212+ with the money you saved
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since i have a limited budget i would turn to the q6600 like you suggested! And what would be a mid range mobo that would support a small overclock tweak! i am no good at this but i am required to buy the parts for my cousin to upgrade and OC! About 100 +- any help would be appreciated Thks!
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This is a good motherboard for overclocking: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128487
Gigabyte is a good company for making motherboards.
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