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Hyper 612 PWM High Temps, HELP!

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Hi there guys.

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I just upgraded to this platform, and I bought a new Hyper 612 PWM for it. I've tried everything to get my temps down, and at the moment this is the cooling config I'm running:

200mm top exhaust
200mm front intake
120mm bottom intake
120mm in drive bays intake
120mm rear exhaust
Stock fan on 612 flowing from front to back

The 200mm fans and bottom 120mm are stock CM, the drive bay intake and rear exhaust are CM Blademasters. I've tried mounting another BM in a Push/Pull config, but that, along with opening my case up, only netted me a 2deg drop in stock load temps.

I've remounted the cooler twice, and on both occasions I saw that the stock TIM I got with the cooler was evenly spread out across the whole surface of the CPU and the HSF. It's pretty toasty here in JHB at the moment (around 31deg ambient), and even taking this into account, the cooler isn't performing according to reviews.

I'm currently running 1.225V VCore, 1.3V QPI/VTT, Prime95 stable for around 3 hours of blend, two hours of 8k-64k in place FFTs, and 200% run through of MemTest.

WHen I was running these stability tests, my hottest cpu core got up to around 87deg C, which is 56-58 above ambient. This seems way too hot for this cooler when reviews are taken into account, which place this cooler on the same level as a V6GT, TRUE 120 and a H60.

If anyone has any advice on what I should do, or if this is normal, please let me know.
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what program are you using to monitor your temps?

also does your board have some sort of cool n quiet feature if so have you tried disabling it to make sure the fans on your heatsink are throttling up to 100% under load?
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RealTemp, and I have done a sensor test as well. I already have all of the power saving features off, and my fan is set to spin at 100% constantly in the BIOS.

I should add that the core temps were: 87, 86, 84, 83, in that order.

running stock settings my load temp was 59deg on the hottest core using 1.15V and 2.66GHz
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I'm considering replacing the fan with two CM XtraFlos to see if that helps my temps at all.
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