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EVGA video card owners post your overclocked cards that run stable and used 24/7 functional. Show what EVGA GPU's can do.

I use EVGA Precision & E-Leet Software.

I'm @ 907Mhz GPU Clock / 1111Mhz Memory / 1813Mhz Shader. Getting 14% gains out of this card on air cooling.

43.5 Gpixel Pixel Fillrate / 58.0 Texture Fillrate / 213.8 Bandwidth 1.1v voltage tweak.

3D Mark 11 benchmarks at Performance level 720p & 1080p stable.

Played Crysis @ Gamer mode 1280X720 AA x4 stable. Cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

Played Crysis in Enthusiast mode AA x4 stabe. Nice eye candy.

I had specs a bit higher prior and saw some very slight video spotting in Enthusiast mode so I backed down on specs just a tad from 922Mhz core to 907Mhz. No more slight video spotting and plays very stable at full throttle. Didn't want to brick my new GPU and the loss was very very minor to be stable.
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