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Conclusion could be: his sensitivity is too high. He can just lower it to have smooth turning and stay that way (with lower speed). If he want to maintain same speed then yes, 400 CPI is not enough for him.
If you want more speed then you need more CPI.
If you want more precision then you need to lower sensitivity.
If you want more precision and same speed then you need lower sensitivity and more CPI.
What I see repeated over and over again? "For greater precision you need more CPI". This is wrong. Using 400 CPI mouse I can have same precision as anybody with 5000 CPI mouse. Of course speed will be different. For example if he's doing 10cm/360° then I would be 10 * 5000 / 400 = 125cm/360° (extremely low sens).

Thank you good answer... i knew CPI was speed but i had kinda forgotten about it. theres alot of things like mouse hz, screen hz that determine how fast your cursor or how responsive your mouse will be.