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Zowie EC1 - Unboxing and Initial Thoughts

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Zowie EC1 - Black:

The shell design will be pretty familiar to IME3.0 and DA users with a couple small differences. The thumb and ring/pinky indents on the sides of the mouse are much more shallow. Pictures of the mouse might make it appear otherwise, but there is almost no thumb indent. It's not a huge issue. The front-end of the mouse doesn't flange outwards like an IME 3.0 or a DA either. I know this seems purely cosmetic, but the flange on the right side helps to keep your ring and pinky in place. These are minor comfort gripes and don't really effect grip or play, but I do wish the design was a little more contoured.

The shell itself is actually composed of two materials. The centerline is a high-grade, slightly rubberized plastic. The sides of the shell are a really glossy and honestly kinda cheap plastic. I wish the entire mouse was composed of the centerline material as the gloss sides get slick pretty quick.

Despite some reviews I've read, the actual construction of the mouse is solid. The buttons are low travel and require just enough pressure to prevent accidental clicks. The mouse wheel is probably the only caveat. I don't really use the mouse wheel when gaming, and it's not really a big concern for me...but it's pretty sloppy. It's also the biggest mouse-wheel I've ever seen on a mouse. So for those that use their mousewheel alot during gaming, or do a lot of heavy wheel-facilitated browsing, this probably isn't the mouse for you.

The cord is astonishingly flexible with almost no resistance. I really dig that a lot. I hate mice with stiff cords. On the other hand the wire is so thin and malleable, I'm a little worried how it will hold up over time. Sorta a double edged sword, but I'm happy with the zero cable resistance.

DPI switch on the bottom might be a deal breaker for some. I kinda like it there. There are easier, more accurate ways to change sensitivity on the fly in games, and I never understood why people wanted this feature in their hardware. DPI /= Sensitivity.

To sum up: The shell itself is a tiny bit smaller and shorter than an IME 3.0. The only real minor detractors are the cheap gloss side panels, and the lack of a more contoured grip. I understand they can't just rip the shell design of an IME 3.0, but the gloss side panels are something of a face-palm. Who wants that?

All in all, it's a comfortable well built mouse, though the plastic used on the side panels doesn't belong.

As far as play goes, it tracks better on my Puretrak Talent than my Naos 5000 and g500. The glide of the mouse is probably the best I've ever seen on stock skates. Out of box, it outperforms my other mice which all have pretty fresh perfectglides. It usually takes me some time to get used to a mouse, but I quickly got into the swing of things with the EC1. It's pretty butter smooth and doesn't have the issues that my Avago 9500 mice have with the talent. Is it better than an IME 3.0? I can't really say just yet. I still prefer the IME 3.0 shell and probably the Naos 5000 shell to the Zowie.

So to end this ramble: Zowie EC1, not the best quality materials. Some odd design choices in some really fundamental areas. Though they aren't deal breakers...they are less than optimal. It has the sweetest glide and best tracking of any mouse I own on the Talent. At the end of the day this is most important as opposed to my minor irritations about the design. Would definitely recommend this mouse to Talent/IME3.0/DA users looking for something different.
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Zowie EC1 Blue - all rubber. Sounds more to your liking.
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That sounds pretty good. Honestly, I was aware of the blue edition, but thought it was just a recolored black edition. The Zowie website seems to suggest that the white editions are all gloss and the black editions are non-gloss materials. Is the blue edition really coated in rubber, or just some sort of plastic material that feels rubbery?
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Same material as the top, so all rubber wink.gif
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As I said - EC1/2 are the best balanced mice in term of comfort and performance.
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As you said...when? You are responding to the wrong thread I think. I agree the Zowie EC1 is a good mouse, it has some poor materials housing it. While i am really into shell comfort., everything is trumped by whats going on downstairs. The EC1 definitely succeeds in this department. I just don't understand why a little more care couldnt have been taken in the contouring of the mouse and the quality of the shell components.
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