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Wow the site pops after reconstructive surgery. Is there any good music making software out there that isn't so complex, or doesn't cost 300-500 dollars. shopped around, and keep getting burned with sh%#tty software. Either its insanely complex, where its doesn't need to be that complex or it doesn't work that well at all. Was thinking of Sony Acid 8, witch seemed good but I thought I would ask the pros, Usually use adobe software, but they want Tree fiffy, hell no, way to much for me. Sony had a good price but, when I've tried going through all the software that doesn't work, probably could of got the adobe. Well got burned and hope to recover with Sony and a good price. Would like to buy some thing once, at least some thing to start with, its like a person is expected to buy add on's with out first learning the software then you need to buy the add on's for the add on's. Ok I was hoping to use the software, instead shopping for add on's. A good inexpensive learner easy to use software package. The Software that is out there is more frustrating than sitting in your car yelling trying to get church ladies to drive the speed limit. Or trying to get cattle out of the road, you honk at them and they just look at you dumb.