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Originally Posted by obi.van.kenobi View Post

if this is correct (which i assume it is), it explains alot. however, it still makes me wonder why would logitech put weak mcu in g400, compared to my (very old) a4tech mouse.

to save money? make more profit?
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Just came out a week or so ago.

Night-Flights review.


Looks a bit better built than the IR-7572.
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I need to know where I can buy this and have it shipped to the U.S.
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http://shop.buygaming.cn/goods.php?id=522 <- here they even have paint tests! though low resolution.

Looks good as far as I could tell from those pics!
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Ok, so after an hour or two of researching I was able to find a chinese shopping service that will buy and mail it to me. I ordered it and am awaiting their purchase and sending. Hopefully it wont take too long. thumb.gif
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A lighting system that changes the colour of the mouse, looks pretty cool actually.

BTW viowastaken, what store was it and how much in total?
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yoybuy.com, 66 dollars shipped.
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Well crap, apparently it was out of stock even though it was listed as having close to 300 in stock.

Any other ideas on where to get one? Can't find one on Ebay, Aliexpress or any of the big sites. Any Indonesian electronics sites that ship internationally perhaps? It seems to have been available in taiwan and Indonesia for a few months.
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Do want!
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gonna bump this thread a little... biggrin.gif

Anyone have any luck on finding a place that sells these mice? Like I said it has been out in indonesia/Taiwan for at least 3 months. I've been trying to find a "Tabao" that sells them, but with no success. The only vendor I found that had them in stock my agent advised me against using due to being unknown and unsecured.
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