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Hola OCN Long time lurker. But just recently got into the whole Oc scene enough to actually warrant joining and trying to become active.

Slowly but surely I've been building what I consider a pretty friggin decent rig. Well my new Samsung 830 64gb SSD's showed up last night and you know how it goes, before something arrives you have it all mapped out but once it does you begin to wonder if theres a better way.

My question is this: What do you think is the best config for my SSD's??? I was leaning toward doing this :1 SSD dedicated to Win7 64bit and apps + maybe BF3 And then using the other SSD as a cache for my Raid0 Sata 3gb/s drives. Motherboard is ASRock z68 extreme 3 gen3 with intel RST/SRT. My thoughts were that the OS drive will get it's own ssd and benefit that way and then my games drive with approx 300g or so of games/mods/everything else will benefit from the ssd as cache option intel offers. The benchmarks/reviews I've seen suggest that SRT is actually a pretty decent tech to boost standard sata drives.

So what do you think?? SSD1 for os and SSD 2 for cache or maybe ssd1 for os ssd2 for most played games and raid0 for everything else??

Thanks in advance