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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

MSI GTX 580 Lightning, no heatsink. It's been coated with conformal for LN2 benching, and saw only a little action. It has the metal plate for the mosfets and, but I've cut it a little to fit an LN2 pot. PM for pictures. The card works, you can also find a heatsink and RMA.

$300 shipped.

Paypal only, any kind.
Heatware under sno.lcn

Trades: I'm building a small and quiet PC for basic HTPC and media storage. Will take parts towards that for trade. I have memory, looking for Intel ITX stuff, and will be using Intel IGP so sandy ***** is preferable.

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Cannot reply to the PM because of the two posts per day limit. I will send you a message today / tomorrow. In here it's 19:00 so we'll see.. thumb.gif
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