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hey guys, im pretty new to wcing, when i mean by new, literally no experience at all, except for installing a h80. i've read lots of stickies, of how to start, maintaining, building, testing etc. i just wanted to ask you guys what u thought of my parts. I'm trying to cool 2 gtx 580's UD, an i7 2600k oced to about 4.8. I've calculated that my rig pumps a hefty 1156 watts of heat, according some tool, that this other forum used, cant rlly remember wer it was tho. anyways my source for parts is, which is in AU. My pc is stored inside a corsair graphite 600t which is available for modding
CPU waterblock: Koolance CPU-370 waterblock = $85 AUD
GPU waterblock: EK Fullcover VGA block EK-FC580 + Acetal x 2 = $119 x 2
GPU block accesories, Im not actually sure if i need them, but i'll put'em in anyways:
1 x EK FC Link Nvidia GeForce x 2 = $16 x 2
EK-FC Dual Bridge Serial 2 slot = $25
1 x XSPC RX 240mm Radiator = $79
2 x Swiftech MCQP-220 Radiator (mounted on the side mesh panel) = $59 x 2
1 x Koolance PMP450s Pump = $99
XSPC Reservoir Acrylic designed for Laing D5 pumps = $59
2m of Tygon 3603 1\2 ID
Fittings: Bitspower G1\4 Silver Shining 1\2 Compression Fitting CC5 x 8 = $9.50 x 8
Bitspower G1\4 Silver Shining Dual Rotary Angle Compression fitting x 2 = $22 x 2
Coolant: Primochill Utopia additive $5.50 from
2L Nobles pureau pure water (now, it says its pure, with no minerals in it, but its not distilled, will this be ok to use in my rig and for regular maintenance (question mark))
change any of these parst if necessary,
thanks thumb.gif