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Hey guys here is my system;

Gigabyte 965pds3 rev 3.3 motherboard, intel e6600 cpu,ati sapphire hd 5870 vapor-x o/c edition, 4*veritech 800 mhz 1 gb ram. xilence 750 watt psu.

i did overclock my system to 3.6 ghz orginal speed is 2.4 ghz for e6600.i have to use 1.8 vcore for stability for this overclock(there is not 1.7 vcore on bios,damm it.there should be a way to put 1.7. It goes 1.6 to 1.8). I know it's to high but it is not for casuel uses. i just want to see how much my system can be overclock. Tempruture is fine its below 80 degree.

Here is my questions;

My motherboard support only 800 mhz ram. And my cpu clock ratio can be maximum 9. When i give 400 fsb, it reach 800 mhz for ram and there is no 1.0 for memory multiplier.AS result, i cant go upper than 400 fsb cuz ram'mhz reach it's max limit

There are only 2 option to go high for my system

1-i should find a way to put memory multiplier to 1.0

2-I should unlock cpu clock ratio as i know it'is imposible but if this can be lock there should be way to unlock it.

thank you.