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Upgrade from Xeon quad core to Xeon hexacore

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Hi all - I need some advise in relation to the swap out of dual Xeon 3.47ghz quad cores for dual Xeon hexacores (3.33ghz). I am using a HP Z800 - with the original motherboard installed - I believe both the Intel X5677 (quadcore) and the new xeon hexacore share the same socket (LGA1366). The reason for the swap is I frequently max out the dual X5677's and need more power.
1) will the hexacore fit to X5677 motherboard?
2) will I need additional cooling?
3) what is the maximum DDR3 RAM that the hexacores can use?( pesently am upgrading to 96gb 1333ghz due to frequent max out of RAM)


Bruce - Trinidad & Tobago
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1. Yes, a LGA1366 Xeon Hexacore like the X5690 will fit. It is listed as compatible in the HP Specs for your workstation.
2. No, the X5680 and X5690 Hexacores share the same 130W TDP as the X5677s.
3. The specs indicate that the HP Z800 should be capable of running 192GB of Ram. The X5690 Hexacore and your X5677 are from the same processing series and are based on the same silicon die, so if your X5677 can run all your ram, so can the X5690.

Do you plan on replacing the CPUs yourself, and are you familiar with the procedure for doing so?

You may find this Service Guide for your Z800 to be of use. More manuals are available here.

Regards from Canada!
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gplnpsb - thanks for the support, both technically + the links... I probably will "attempt" not to do too many bad things & install the CPU's myself (here in Trinidad high end computing is a rarity.
Question - what would you recommend as the proper BIOS to install after my sucessful "I hope" swap out of the quad cores for the hexacores?
As a fellow Canadian (live outside of Toronto - between woodstock & Simcoe) maybe I could get you down here to help me "optimize" my system - I know the parts are right - but I am real computer stupid in relation to getting all the components to "dance happily together without steppin on each others toes"

Kindest Regards

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