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There are lots of links to little sections, and then I need to hit back instead of using the page to navigate back to the main list. What I mean is that if I go to my profile and click on All Posts or Threads started, the page changes significantly enough for me to know I've done something and that I should use the Back button. If I go to Rep, My Feedback, or Infractions, the page looks so much like the main profile page that I think it's a true subsection, and I feel kind of lost. I want to click on something on that page to go back to the "main list," and My Profile in the top bar is too far away to feel organized.

As for Launch Info, Platform Help, and Launch Contests, that's the same thing. Why do we have these three links? These also sometimes come up in the right sidebar but often don't show. I'm not sure if these three links are just made for low traffic or what, but all their info should be on one page instead of being so agonizingly separated and very rarely linked to. Please correct me if I'm wrong and if these links are consistently available elsewhere.

Overall, what I think I'm saying is that most little things you have to click for are so small that they don't need links and could be on the first page of wherever the links are now. I haven't given enough examples to prove this, I know, so please use your imagination. There's just too much navigating, and it seems unnecessary.