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ASUS P8Z68 Gen 3 (Deluxe) No POST

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ASUS P8Z68 Gen 3 (Deluxe)
Intel Core i7 2600K
Crucial M4 SSD (256g)
AMD Radeon 5970
Corsair H100 cooler
Gold Coolmaster 1200w
Sniper RAM (4x1g)

That's the build. Fire it up. No POST. One long beep three short ones - supposed to be graphics card related. The LED code is A4 - supposed to be searching for an IDE.

First build. Tech savvy on a scale of one to ten? Meh...be generous and gimme a 3.

Took all but one RAM stick out. (reset CMOS), same result.

Put in alternative graphics card that is known to work (reset CMOS) same result.

Any ideas?
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Maybe try a different stick of ram
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Welp. Live and learn. Never underestimate trial and error.

It does matter which slot you put your (1st) graphics card (now brick) in. If you have an alternative card to use...good luck with that one, the slot nearest the edge that looks like it won't have enough clearance to be cozy is the one you have to use. Use any other before you get it booted and into the BIOS set up, the board won't find the card.

It's hard to say if having the RAM stick slots filled affected anything. The ASUS troubleshooting page on their official website SHOULD mention these two things (where to slot the initial graphics card - whether all intended graphics cards should be slotted initially, and the RAM sticks preferred method). However, their site is so rudimentary it's next to useless. AND, their link to a troubleshooting guide is a no go once you get to THAT page on their site.

It could be the board is so new they just haven't gotten all that work done. A comforting thought is, there's not a lot of problem-related posts poking up on the web with regard to this board.
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