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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

Only true with windows cursor based movement. Raw input (m_rawinput 1) ignores any FPS based cursor realignment.
Thus does not apply unless you're on an older engine like goldsrc. thumb.gif

Thanks for explaining me xD I don't play css, just 1.6.
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Just got this mouse today. Tracking is massively better then the Xai on my QCK fnatic. Feels perfect for me at 30cm/360. Thanks for the info Skylit. Would have overlooked this mouse

Did get it cheap though. Cant actually believe its on sale at some places in the UK for £89.99.........that is just crazy.
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I ended up getting the Sensei and I love it! Much better tracking over the Xai (so far). Expensive little bastard, but I'm glad I bought it. I tried and tried to get use to the Deathadder, and I just couldn't do it. Sorry DA Fan boys smile.gif

Thx for the review! You were right on about everything!
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I've been playing mouse roulette the past few weeks - been with an MX-518 for years and wanted a change. I hold the left mouse button with index, right mouse button middle finger, ring and pinky are held together and on the side of the mouse (to be able to pick up and move the mouse easily (low sensitivity player here)).

1st attempt - bought a SS Ikari laser mouse. Loved the super low LOD, glides really well on my Razer Scarab pad, no jitter, but the dang thing slipped out of my hand when I would lift to reposition it! Hand would hurt after 10 minutes of this, so I had to send it back. My thumb would hit the side buttons on accident too often as well.

2nd attempt - Cooler Master CM Xornet - horrible LOD stock and jitter, v55 firmware reduced LOD but introduced horrible jitter. v53 reduced jitter, but LOD was back. Ergonomics were not great for my style. There is a place for your ring finger but I found I need to have my ring and pinky together to easily lift it. It was also too light for me.

I've read enough to know the G400 is not for me. Would the Sensei be a good choice for my preferred style of grip? Would my ring and pinky fit on the side without hitting the buttons? Kinda subjective questions, but I'd like to get this right the third try smile.gif.

CN: Need SS Ikari-level LOD, jitter-free even with lower DPI (1800 or less), in an MX-518 body. Is Sensei the answer?
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How slippery the Sensei new surface can be?

My Xai just broke, and need a replacament.
The Sensei looks great, specially the some-how improved sensor(I use cloth), but I'm afraid the metallic/plasticsurface could be a downer.

I'm using an MX518 which seems to have a similar surface to the Sensei, if anybody could compare.
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Its not as glossy as the mx518. Its kind of in between matte and gloss. It seems to have a decent firmware that allows it to track better on cloth. Though if you dont like the surface you could always put you XAI cover on instead.
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The problem is with my Xai cover, the right click bended somehow over the years(2) and the clicking is not the same anymore at certain spots.

Anyways, I'm gonna get the Sensei then, after the disappointment I had with the CM Spawn(shape-wise) I just dont wanna risk any other mouses, and the Sensei is actually cheaper right now.

About the firmware, I thought it could be it, but why wouldn't they release one that could improve the Xai also?
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The mod does look sweet though. Check it

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Oh if you can get the Sensei cheap defo grab one. Its a great mouse if you can pick one up from not too much. I just bought another as I saw one for £59 and couldnt help myself at that price.
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Its definitely not cheap here(Brazil), but its cheaper/same price as the Xai.

The mod really does look sweet, if I ever find a cheap Xai on Ebay I'll definitely have to try.
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