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new build overclock

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hi guys i built this sytem today and if anyone here has the same board and cpu as me can you give me the settings i need to change to get this to 4ghz so i can properly test this system out as i have a liquid cooler and i wanna see if it runs stable at 4ghz just if anyone can reply with the settings i need to change as ive read through guides and stuff but it dont give me the right things i need to change in the bios i tryed the auto overclock but it only went to 3.6ghz my set up should go to 4ghz and run smoothly with this system
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i managed to find the settings on youtube for my board and this is the settings i have used and its currently at 4.01ghz and i ran prime95 for 2 hours with no errors and the temps were 55c on full load and 30c on idle is this ok for me to keep like this anyone? is it safe with those temps

oc overclock tuner - manual
oc tuner - cancel
cpu ratio - 20.0
amd turbo core technology - disabled
cpu bus/peg frequency - 200
pcie frequency - auto
memory frequency - 1600mhz
cpu/nb frequency - 2600mhz
ht link speed - auto
cpu spread spectrum - auto
pcie spread spectrum -auto
epu power saving mode - disabled

cpu manual voltage - 1.406250
cpu/nb manual voltage - 1.250000
cpu vdda voltage - auto
dram voltage - 1.72500
vddr - auto
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