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i7 2.66@4.2 Gtx 570 Folding = 500w psu with 4 pin mb?

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Okay, please don't kill me smile.gif

I have this Artic Cooling Fusion 550R (hardwareheaven), but I can only find Artic Cooling Fusion 550RF on Jonny Guru and HardwareSecrets.

From what I understand is that the 550R is only for ~230v, and RF is for ~110v as well.

But this powersupply only has a 4 pin and no 8 pin connector to the mobo.

I'm folding on that rig now, with no overclocking (I haven't hooked up the water cooling yet) and it's pulling 430w max from the main outlet with a energy meter. This is on a Fractal Design Newton R2 800W PSU, and it runs totally stable. But I need that powersupply on a different rig.

And hooking up the wc now with the Newton psu and pull the overclock on the cpu, makes things difficult for me.

So what does this add up to? drum.gif
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Originally Posted by NorxMAL View Post

So what does this add up to? drum.gif
Your actual power draw while folding is ~350W after you factor in efficiency, the 4pin CPU connector shouldn't be an issue, it can provide enough power to your CPU, your PSU is a trashy Seasonic unit but it should be able to safely deliver 350W continuously.. so you're pretty much ok.
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I went with a demo/returned used Corsair HX 650W instead for about 64% of the price of the cheapest store, at my favorite store instead. Also less costs in shipping since I will retrieve it up from a pickup point of theirs. So if it breaks down, I don't need to pay shipping back smile.gif (I'm also buying a joystick, since the shipping won't cost extra)

That 550R is in my work computer, so getting the HX650 is much simpler, and its a great buy if I'm not mistaken smile.gif
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That CPU is one of the the biggest power hogs out now. At stock speed, it pulls more than an overclocked Sandy Bridge at 4.8GHz, and when you overclock it, well... it's not pretty. Overclocked to 4GHz, I've seen test results putting system draw at about just over 500W at the wall, and just the CPU was under load.

See this page for reference...


If you're adding a GPU to that, overclocking higher than 4GHz, and going to be folding on it, don't mess around. I'd look at something like 650W, perhaps even 750W, PSUs myself. You would be able to get away with less for a typical gaming PC, but for folding, I'd look at something at those wattage levels.
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I'm getting the Corsair HX650, which is on the "FAQ: Recommended Power Supplies" list like mentioned above smile.gif

Both this computer I'm on now and the one mentioned in the thread has the i7 920 d0 stepping cpu, only this one has a Amd 5870 watercooled video card in the loop instead.

I gonna put the energy meter on this computer too, and report it's power draw, and see if I can post the readings in the "Real world power usage (User submitted values)" thread. This computer seems to be able to run at less vcore than the other cpu, so that might be interesting to have in that thread from the same user smile.gif

This computer is also folding, but not a pure folding rig, also it doesn't fold with the gpu at the time being.

I also need to bring this rig up to the 4.2 Ghz again (4Ghz now), and perhaps start folding the gpu as well. It needs to generate more heat, since I kinda use it as a oven when I'm sleeping upsidedwnsmiley.gif

This rig is not far away from my bed, that is why I haven't been folding the gpu this summer.
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