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Don't tell me you don't want EK waterblocks. wink.gif

Doesn't get prettier than that I don't think. ^_^

With Bitspower fittings - yes, still the best!

*NOTE: See the way the Bitspower fittings are positioned on the 580 WB connector there? It took me about a day, much reluctance, and a very annoyed me to realize that it was not the optimal position for those. When I first turned on my computer, my GPUs got up to 100 and the computer shut down during benchmarking. I had to drain the loop, move my tubing and fittings because the water wasn't going into the blocks, it was simply flowing straight through. Man was I mad...
To be honest, if I had the choice, I would go back and start my build all over again and fine tune everything this time. This means learning how to solder so I wouldn't have the wires of 14 fans hanging around (which collect dust incredibly good - especially with MDPC sleeving), using a bay mounted reservoir, dust filters (or at least shutting my computer off during the day when I'm not using it), and not rushing everything simply because I wanted to use it as fast as possible.
It still took me a good few days to get it up and running, though.
I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed with anything you say you want, except for the XSPC radiators of which I have no experience. Everything else is fantastic but like I said, be careful with dual pumps unless the second is a backup - you may just not need that much firepower.

I'll be fair and give EKWB one more chance with there EN nickle blocks, I like nickle because of little to no maintenance and will still use those silver killcoils.