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Is a monitor without tinting problems. frown.gif

I want a second monitor...technically I want two monitors.

I would totally get a second U2410 if it could promise white whites.

Once I got my NEC PA241Ws, which have since been returned for uniformity issues, I noticed how bad my U2410 was in terms of both color and also grainy film. The U2410 has a yellowish white color.

The PA had the film as well, but it wasn't quite as bad. The whites on the PA were as white as bleached teeth.

Like I said, I would absolutely get another U2410 but I don't want to risk it.

I was looking heavily at the Eizo CG243 series but man is it expensive!

Now I'm considering a few options from each department:

TN: Alienware OptX AW2310 x 2
TN: Planar SA2311W x 2
IPS: Eizo CG243W
IPS: ? Need suggestion

I really don't want a TN panel because I think they're utter junk, but I definitely do game a lot and I heard the colors on the Planar are actually very good - though I can't say so from personal experience.

I would consider another IPS but I mean, the U2410 has tinting issues, even the HP has documented tinting issues, and I can't find one without uniformity issues (PA241W).