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Hey guys I just recently got a msi 560 ti/oc 1gb twin frozr ii gpu and while I was in the middle of slaying a dragon on skyrim my battle was interrupted by a BSOD and well now I can't even boot up my computer with the gpu. The bccode I got was 116 and everytime I start up my computer with the gpu it would give me this bsod after the windows start up screen. I tried it on another computer and I install the latest drivers from nvidia everytime I install it and restart it would give me the same error switched the gpu with my back up 9600 gso and it works fine tried it on another pc with most of the drivers and still the same error. Guessing its a dead card and prbly would have to rma it. I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

Also note this was a open box product from newegg.

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