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New MotherBoard, Same Processor, many questions

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After building my first computer last year, and reading about all the mistakes i made after the fact, i have decided to upgrade/replace many of the components in my Computer. The main part being my 880GM-UD2H micro atx motherboard. as well as switching cases, i will be switching to an ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA 990FX. i will be keeping my Phenom II 1055t, as well as my HDDs (with the os and all my installed programs), disk drives, RAM, graphics card, and power supply. the only thing changing is my CPU cooler, Case and motherboard. I have several questions, as i am still fairly new to this, and i thank everyone ahead of time for the help.

#1: Will all my video card drivers, programs, files, and basically everything i have on my HDD work fine when switching motherboards? will i need to clean out some old drivers and replace them? Any input on what changes is appreciated.

#2: Any processor removing/reinstalling tips and tricks? i have never taken a processor out of a mobo before, nor re-installed one. I have removed thermal paste with rubbing alcohol and re-applied, and installed a heatsink. I have a feeling the h100 will be harder to install, but my worry right now is bending a pin or something of the like on the processor.

#3 As for the RAM, i have 4x2 GB sticks of ddr3 RAM, would it be fine for this mobo? or should i just get 2x4 GB Dominator RAM? i'm going to be (hopefully) OCing the processor to around 3.6 Ghz, and my current RAM is a little iffy.

other than that, any tips on installing motherboards would be awesome. I'm not as hardware literate as i'd like to be.

I look forward to any help!
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Drivers may be reinstalled upon OS bootup, however you shouldn't perceive many problems aside from that.  I moved from a GA-MA790XT-UD4P to a GA-990XA-UD3 lately (I happened to get a deal on it) and that's exactly what happened.  No complications, no need to reinstall the OS.  There are guides you can read on OCN's AMD section concerning installing and removing the CPU.  It's really not that hard or complicated.  Remember to be careful with the pins on the CPU! Know the instructions beforehand, then follow them.  Mounting the heatsink can become somewhat complicated but that depends on the mounting system used; mounting the H100 should be a lot easier than most other heatsinks though, as you really only have to be holding a pump vs holding an entire heatsink during mounting.


It may help to write everything you need to do down before you start.  4x2GB of RAM is fine on a Phenom II x6.  There's not really any worth in sidegrading from 4x2GB to 2x4GB.  Maybe if you are going from 4x2GB to 4x4GB.  But the x6 runs 4x2GB fine and any switch will not really do much for you in terms of stability.  I can run 4x2GB on a 1055T at 4GHz+ with a 3GHz Northbridge clock.  And eh, don't worry about age around here.  I'm 16, and until recently quitting for personal reasons I was part of the OCN moderating staff. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post

  There are guides you can read on OCN's AMD section concerning installing and removing the CPU.

If you could direct me to one of these guides, i'd be much obliged!
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