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Weird Ram problem?

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So, Ive been running G.skill ripjaw ram(2x4GB) and ordered another 2 sticks. I pop the other 2 sticks in an it has trouble booting. Thinking it was DOA ram, I put it in my roommates computer, and has the same mobo and gskill also, but his boots up just fine. I put his identical Ram card in my computer and it works just fine, and the card shows 0 errors on Memtest86. Its weird because I no matter the configuration with 3 it boots up just fine, but if I have any 4 as long as it a certain card in it will not boot up. Dr. debug codes are 06, and 0E ive looked them up but it doesn't tell me anything. Also, when I did finally get the computer to boot up it showed 16GB ram, but only 12 usable. Any ideas what it could be.
Motherboard: AsRock 890Gx Pro3
CPU: Fx-8150 with Hyper 212+
Memory: Gskill 4x4GB
GPU: 2x HD5770
PSU: Cooler Master 600w
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Possible dead RAM slot on the motherboard.

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do you think it could be even if my roommates identical card works in it?
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