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I have an Asus M4A78T-E motherboard wih and AMD Phenom X2 processor, and 8 GB of ram. Everything is at its factory settings, minus the RAM freq. which is set to 1600 MHz(i still have the same problem with it set to auto, so i dont think thats the problem). since about april, ive been haiving this problem where seemingly at random, even before it boots windows, the display will freeze and leave behind a bunch of jumbled up color, very vaugely resemling what was on it bfore. this used to happen right after the display driver crashed, but it just does it randomly now that ive reinstalled it. Here is the link to kind of what it looks like, only my problem affects the whole sceen.

i would post he image, but im on my ipad because, well, my couputer isint working too well...

is there anyone else who has experienced the problem? if so, how did you fix it?