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555 Be
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Originally Posted by Kokin View Post

Originally Posted by piofranco1 View Post

Hey Guys Please Help Me About this.
I've Got Amd atlhon II x3 455 3.3Ghz unlocked to Amd Phenom II x4 B55 3.3Ghz..
I really want to know How Can i OC my 3.3Ghz since im Using MSI 760GM - P21
I already Unlock it. and this is What i my temperature is:
My Core 0,1,2,3 temp in Max Is 83'c
the other temperature goes this:
My VCore is 1.42max.
I've Already OC it From 3.3 to 3.5 because my MSI board have OC genie it automatically OC my proc in stable and recomoded Ghz if it turns on.
I already turn Off Cool n Quite.
I only have my Stock Cpu Cooler.
please help me to OC it and to stabilized it..
and what is my real temperature since 'ive got 83'c??\
Please Reply,,, It would a big help for me.. thank you. smile.gif
Gonna Post The pics Soon..

I'll post here instead of replying to your PM, so others may see this as well. PunkX 1, if you find this post useful, you can include it at OP as well.

If you want to overclock it yourself, I suggest turning off that auto OC from your motherboard. You also have to get a better cooler than stock, or else you can only go up to 3.6-3.8ghz.

I'm not responsible for any damage that occurs during overclocking and you will take the risk of any fried or damage components by choosing to overclock manually and by following the steps below:

Steps to do:
1) Turn off OC genie.
2) Turn on unlocking option
3) Boot up with unlocked cores, but not overclocked and using Prime95 or Intel Burn Test or LinX to test stability for a few hours. If you pass for 1-3 hours you should be good.
4A) If not stable, go to BIOS to turn off each core one at a time, test it again in Prime95, IBT, or LinX and see if is stable. This lets you know which core is faulty if you shut it off and you became stable.
4B) If you can't get it to be stable at all, the unlocking of your L3 cache might be unstable, so this means you cannot unlock at all. Athlons have disabled L3 cache, because they were unstable from production, so if you have one with an unstable L3 cache, you're out of luck for unlocking, as you cannot get any unlock stable with an unstable L3 cache.
4C) If you were stable for any of the above, you can proceed to increase your CPU multiplier and then test in Prime95, LinX, IBT for each increase until you hit instability.
5) Once you've found your max overclock, you can proceed to increase voltage and then find your next max overclock. Repeat this until you reach your desired OC goal or max temps (58-61C)
6) Then once you're stable to where you like your CPU overclock to be, I suggest overclocking your CPU-NB, which controls your L3 cache and also your CPU's IMC (integrated memory controller), this is not necessary, but I suggest overclocking this to 2400mhz~2800mhz which may have to use (1.25v~1.4v for CPU-NB voltage).
7) If you do overclock your CPU-NB frequency, make sure you leave your HT Link Speed to 2000mhz.
8) You can also choose to overclock your RAM after the other two have been stable, but it brings zero benefit for most applications. You'll have to read up on this yourself as OCIng RAM is not an easy thing to do. You'll have to change the FSB speed and almost ALL of your multipliers and I don't really feel like explaining all that.

With my unlocked B55, I lost the ability to read my core temps (stuck at 0C) and I only read off the TMPIN temps:

TMPIN0: CPU socket temps - this is core temps + 3C from my experience, but could be different for others
TMPIN1: Northbridge or VRM temp - each motherboard has different AUX temp probes, so it is usually either of these two
TMPIN2: Motherboard or system temp

As stated on my sale thread, my load temps were around 40-45C with gaming and Prime95. This was with a H50 and later on my current watercooling loop. With a stock cooler, I had to reduce my overclock to 3.8ghz with stock voltage, which was 1.4v for me, load temps were about 57-60C, gaming temps were about 50-55C. Something to note is that I did have a Phenom II x2 555, which had a max temp of 70C, so other CPUs only have a max temp of 61C.

**I don't suggest increasing voltage so much for your board though, since it's a very low-budget board that will easily fry. Stay within stock volts or up to 1.45V max and same for your CPU-NB voltage, keep it between 1.2v-1.3v max***

If I missed anything, please do add to my post as it's hard to cramp 2+ years of learning into a single post.

Good luck and please give a +rep button below this post if you found it helpful! wink.gif

I really Think that my X3 455 wll not be stable.

i read my COre temps High. 83"c MAX.
i have no L3 Caches.

bythe way, i read this Guideline..

so I only Got AMD athlon x4 b55 not Phenom x4 with L3 Cache.


Is it Safe for booting the Windows Without Running Any Test?
Or He/she must Run It To Avoid His/her Board Get Fried Up?

i really need that 212 Evo to maximize this.. sleepysmiley03.gif
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Originally Posted by piofranco1 View Post

Originally Posted by jrl1357 View Post

same! no L3 for me. oh well, 4 cores is still awsome!

hey. Did you unlock your Forbidden Core?.

What is your TEMP?.
TMPIN 0,1,2,3 Can you post it?.
and your core temp also?.
Did you OC it after Unlocking it?. tiredsmiley.gif

i think my my 4th core is not stable. frown.gif

by the way im using stock cooler. if i already have my hyper212 EVO .. im gonna test it again.

but if its not stable im just OC it up to 4.1 or 4.0. thumb.gif

yes i have the same proc as you and my forth core is unlocked and stable. no L3 cache. mines at stock, so i havnt really looked into temps much (using stock cooling)
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Originally Posted by jrl1357 View Post

yes i have the same proc as you and my forth core is unlocked and stable. no L3 cache. mines at stock, so i havnt really looked into temps much (using stock cooling)

Welcome to the CLUB!!..

Wow.. can You post Some Pics about Your Temps?..
and also your MAX TDP?..

CPUID and CPUZ can you post it?. smile.gif

what is your mother Board By the way?.

Im just gonna compare it. smile.gif
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I think this is how it Goes..

I have Amd Athlon x3 455 so unfortunately I just Unlock it Phenom x4 B55 or should i say Athlon x4 B55 w/ no L3 Caches.. i also have 120-130W MAX TDP..
but i dont have a Great Cooler to Put It Down. Currently Im Using The stock Cooler..

According to article i've read. AMD athlon 445 or 450 Is the Last Proc That has L3 caches..
take a look at this article also.

i only have MSI760GM P21 that only Suppors 95W..
He Burned His Cpu in maximun load temp Using Prime95... :/

My Question is:

can I Unlock it, Even Without this L3 caches Thing.. Because My CPU only Supports 95W MAX TDP..

Can Hyper212 EVO support the Cpu Temp?.

Because My TMPIN1 goes 54'c MAX when im running Prime95.. and my temperature Core also is in 79'C...

Can Hyper212 EVO Protect my board from getting Fried?.
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the evo cools the cpu, where as you need to cool the mofsats so no. there are, however, mofsat coolers you could get that would make it safer
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ill post a cpu-z shot soon. seeing if i can get it to work on wine
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couldnt get it to work, but heres a sceen shot of a ripoff called cpu-g and the system monitor:


the cache is listed per core

as you can see, no l3 cache but 4 cores
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I know why Your CPU is Stable in athlon/phenom x4 B55.

Because youre CPU supports 1.25W of TDP. smile.gif
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Are you talking about my board? i never changed the voltage. Its still at 95watts as far as i know.
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