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So it is nearly 3 Years later since I first built my i7 965 Platform system. At that time the 2008 Mortgage/Sub-prime bubble had burst and I had been able to afford that system. It was an excellent system for the time being but gradually began to fall away and move towards obsolescence. Now thanks to Planned Obsolescence I am finally putting together a completely new build. I hope to begin the Phase 1 component assembly/purchase hopefully by the End of this week.

I am not sure what role the 965 System will serve but perhaps it will be relegated as the modernized HTPC.

The component list is 95% final and it is as follows.

Note: I plan on carrying over all my Storage components onto this new build because of the massive price hikes for Hard-drives.

Note: I am not contemplating LGA2011/X79 till sometime in Late 2012 (Q4 Calendar) or perhaps 2013 to allow the platform to reach maturity and necessary modernizations/revisions.

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