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I've been considering to build a new rig and have been fascinated by the new Zambezi'.

This build is for longevity; although I may dabble with oc at first, but out of pure fun, not intending to push it far.

I was looking for some recommendations of parts to pair with it; specifically: Mobo, Sli/Crossfirex vid, brand of ssd (1 - 2 raids), PSU, and dual chann ram (16gb - 32gb).

The Mobo I have in mind was either the Asus Sabertooth or the Asus Crosshair Formula V (that's just at first glance). Whats the best on the market as of now brand wise for am3+.

I'm still unsure of what cards would be good for sli or crossfire, in my older comp I upgraded to a 6850; after one was given to me, I bought another for crossfire. Could I keep those and move them to my new build without losing quality and longevity or do I need to upgrade.

I've never really used an ssd before, but I've heard good things. If I take the plunge to buy an ssd, I'd at least like to make a raid. Would I see an improvement in speed and life by making at least one raid if not more out of ssd'. What brands are best for stand alone and raid.

I will need a good PSU to power all of this; any recommendations. I'm thinking I will need at least a good quality 650 - 750 if not higher.

What ddr3 brands would you recommend for dual chann? 16gb - 32gb

Any recommendations is helpful and most appreciated; This isn't a budget build or anything, so price is of no consequence. My main focus is quality and longevity, I'd want it to last at least a good 3 years and still be decent.