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I actually had this mobo and it was in a asus prebuilt pc with a phenom II x6 that was locked I think a 1045 or something. That PC was ok but it had some issues that I could never figure out with running dual channel ram. Otherwise it was ok for the price I paid.
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Nice as for ram on this 880g... Ganged vs UnGanged ram... goes from 8.5GB/s ram to over 17GB/s ram... So unganged pulls far ahead on memory bandwidth.

I'm running 32GB of ram... Will update later if I get the BIOS Chip for ASUS or get this Gigabyte in windows haha...
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I own the Asus M5A78L-M LX PLUS and an AMD FX-8320 Vishera 3.5GHz (4.0GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Processor and an MSI GTX 760

You can see the details in this post:

Essentially what I found from research and testing is that the AMD FX line of chips with 8 cores perform best in modern games if you shut off four of the cores. This greatly lowers the overall power consumption and lets you press the raw GH up considerably. Likewise even pushing the GHz up, with four cores shut off your overall power consumption is lower so you end up with power requirements less than stock (allowing you to avoid the VRM overheating issues).
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Thank you, I'll be using 95W 8-Core FX when I line up this ASUS board.
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Can you guys post the M4A78LT-M HWInfo of the VRM temperature at load? You guy's are hitting 4 to 4.5Ghz on Quad's on this board? What FSB?

My Opteron 1389 on this Gigabyte 880G board isn't really having it above 260mhz fsb or so... I can get to windows at 4Ghz but stability issues. Thanks

This board was VRM throttling as well within seconds of load but not so much declocking... just less performance as VRM got hotter... Need 1.375v for 3.64Ghz on Opteron 1389... Auto is 1.325v up to 3.5Ghz no problem.

Here are my VRM temps after adding cooling and unplugging the cpu fan and let them heat up and plugged back in to cool down over and over... helped cure the adhesive... Now it's 30-35C idle and 50-55C max load at overclock.

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